Alumni Board

The Alumni Board is a representative, active organization that shares and contributes to the university’s mission and services the goals and needs of its alumni through the member’s time, talent, treasure and influence.

The Alumni Board assists the Alumni Relations Office plans for the future and creates a positive alumni culture by providing meaningful opportunities for alumni engagement.


  • Engage alumni through experiences, mentorship and spiritual support that increase alumni affinity to the university.
  • Offer support and connections to current students through alumni relations

The Alumni Board shall hold 3 meetings a year and task force meetings as needed.

Task Forces:

  • Alumni Engagement
  • Spiritual Engagement
  • Student Engagement

Current Alumni Board Members:

Ms. Bridgette Behler 2018 SECRETARY

Mrs. J.C. Birong (Bouquet) 1997

Mrs. Priscilla C. (Fernandez) Cruess 2008

Mr. John A. DuBois 1984 VICE PRESIDENT

Mrs. Shirlee Fager Baldwin MA 2021

Ms. Christie Fleming 2010 EX OFFICIO

Ms. Anne M. Foster 2017 PRESIDENT

Mr. Michael A. Gergits 2005

Mrs. Sandra L. Lynskey, Esq.(Bell) 1981

Mr. Jason B. Negri 1992, MS 1996

Dr. Rebecca Rook (Homol), 2001

Dr. Jacqueline Schabold, PharmD, BCPS 2011

Mrs. Kristina Scheerbaum (McClintock), 2005

Mr. Matthew Schlater 2004