Alumni Board

The Franciscan University of Steubenville Alumni Board is a representative, active organization that shares and contributes to the university’s mission, and services the goals and needs of its alumni.  By recognizing and supporting the mission, Board members will assist the Alumni Relations Office plan for the future and create a positive alumni culture by providing meaningful opportunities for alumni engagement with one other and with the university.

The Alumni Board holds quarterly meetings and committee meetings as needed.  The board is comprised of at minimum of 10 members and a maximum of 20.  Within the board exist several committees:

  • Alumni Engagement
  • Alumni/Student Relations
  • Reunions & Programs
  • Alumni Achievement Recognition
  • Baron Athletic Hall of Fame

Current Alumni Board Members:

Mr. Kenneth Baldwin, 2005, MBA 2008
Mr. David Cabo, 1993
Mr. James Campbell, 2004
Mr. Thomas Clasby, 1995 - PRESIDENT
Mrs. Theresa Danaher, 1980, MSA 2007
Mr. Tim Delaney, 1999, MBA 2007 ‐ EX‐OFFICIO
Mr. John DuBois, 1984
Mr. John Fischer, 1983 - VICE PRESIDENT
Ms. Ruby Gross, 2011
Mr. Christopher Hass, 1989 MBA 1991
Mr. Philip Howard, 1997
Mr. Terrence McKeegan, 1999
Fr. David Pivonka, 1989
Mrs. Rebecca Rook, 2001
Mr. Thomas Sokol, 1969
Mr. Matthew Swider, 1969
Mr. Richard Welday, 1982
Mr. Christopher Wright, 1987 
Mrs. Mary Zimmerman, 1999 ‐ SECRETARY